DJ Xtacy has been in the industry since the early ages of 8 yrs old…..

His Mother was the manager of one of the first big night clubs in Philadelphia ” The Second Story”. Here is where Dj Xtacy first got his glimpse of what soon to be an art form that grew close to his heart. Growing uparound the like of Philly great Dj’s like Frankie “WHO” Sestito, Frankie Goodman, Michael Gormly, Joey Milano, Johnny Campbell and many more. He watched and lerned this craft to take him to a career that has lasted over 30 years.

Dj Xtacy has played in many major night clubs along his journey but found his home to be a club called “DISCOVERY”. Here is where he really made his mark spinning everything from DISCO to HOUSE music. He found a TRUE LOVE and nitch for FREESTYLE MUSIC. In Freestyle he began to create and put his own spin on the genre which made him known for his VERSITLE STYLE of mixing. To take a quote from fellow Dj ” He can mix anything including the records you use to get off of cereal boxes” (Dj Frankie D).

Dj Xtacy has played with many of the GREATS in the Philly area including: Dj Eddie Stank, Dj Adam Bennett, Dj Steve Wikenson, Dj Frankie D, Dj Angelo D, Dj Frankie Sestito, Dj Gino Caporale, Dj Robbie Tronco, Dj Perry Angelozzi, Dj Destruct, Dj Howie T, just to name a few plus a lot more….

So with this THANKS for stopping in and supporting Dj Xtacy and Enjoy the rest of the trip………