Dj Serious first got his 2 gemini turntables, gemini, mixer, and 2 speakers when he was 14yrs old. As a child he always listened to club 102 and wanted to pursue a career as a dj. “I remember one year my dad took me to radio station Q102 studios and i was amazed/obsessed”. From then on Dave(Dj Serious) went on to do private parties on his own and called him self “Dj Davey Gravey”. Dave did some work with Schaeffer sounds and decided after a few years to go out on his own .
As a teenager, Dave began to love the club atmosphere and was moved by the loud music. Dave starting going to “Egypt” on Deleware Avenue and the old “Shark Club” just to listen to the dj’s play. Dave has spun many private parties and bars including”The Deck”, “Brownies 23 east”, “Barnaby’s Ridley”, and “RS club”. Dave Titerence aka (Dj Serious)is also into remixing.
Dave got his first midi keyboard and that was it. From then on he continued to download music programs and worked on many remixes. Dave now currently works with Pioneer Cdj 800mk2s, Pioneer DJM 800 mixer, and a Macbook. Dave also likes to plays his remixes live at his gigs. Dj Serious’s favorite types of music include 90s house, freestyle, hip hop, old school hip hop, electro, Dance, and todays top 40 hits. Dj serious is currently 29 years old and still has a huge passion for music.

Dj Serious has spun with some of the best Dj’s in Delco including “Dj Nevada”, “Dj Scottie T”, “Dj Cos 1”, “Dj C.j.”, “Dj Double E”, and many others. Dave continues to build his career as a dj and is proud to be a new member of The Phillymix crew. Dj Serious is currently one of the resident dj’s at Durty Nelly’s Ridley. Come check out Dave Spinning live on Thursday nights 7-9 and at Durty Nellys every other Saturday night from 9-2am.