Donny Chiro has been mixin up old school,freestyle,dance, and house music since the age of 12. He has got his inspiration and teachings from two of the best and very well known DJ’S in the Philadelphia area, DJ/PRODUCER/REMIXER Gino Caporale and DJ Marc Milano who definately set the stage. Whether it was them showing Donny there skills in a basement or at a nightclub he was hooked. They were and s…till are his protege’s! As 20 plus years has gone by Donny still loves the beat of the music and showcases his talent throughout the tristate area mixin up beats,dance and house tracks at nightclubs, parties and special events that will keep you movin all night long. Donny has played in venues in the philadelphia area such as Club Shampoo, Egypt, 879 Lounge, Play2 Chickies and Petes also not to mention many other sportsbars and lounges throughout the City of Brotherly Love. Donny plays in nightclubs and guest spots whenever and wherever available and will not limit himself to spin all types of genre! After a break from the music industry Donny is back to spin the music that he has never forgotten to do!!! MUSIC IS MY DRUG!!!