Chris Sammarco Biography

Chris Sammarco has proven to be multi-talented, exhibiting skills as a DJ / songwriter / producer/ remixer. He has been a featured DJ at just about every club in New Jersey, including the legendary Joey’s and Club Abyss. Looking for an outlet for his creativity, Chris began writing and producing in early 1997. In late 1999, Chris teamed up with longtime friend, MC Get Bizzy Izzy, to record the anti-ecstasy anthem “Attention.” The song was immediately signed and released by New Jersey based E-lastik Recordings as a 12” single. In early 2002, Sammarco wrote and produced a song called “Pray for the Love.” It was released on NJ based X-treme Records with two separate vinyl releases in February and May 2003. After several years of silence, Chris returned with a vengeance in 2011 with a bootleg of Jungle Brothers “I’ll House You” which caught the ear of legendary DJ / producer / label CEO, Stonebridge. Stone then offered Chris a remix on Matt Aubrey and Kevin Holevar’s “Addicted” which was released on Stoney Boy Records in October 2011. Since then, Chris has done remixes for such artists as Inaya Day, Crystal Waters, Sandy B, and Snoop Dogg and has continued to produce for Stonebridge’s Stoney Boy Records as well as Chris Kaeser’s D-Tracks, 1980 Recordings, PR Records, Rise Up Recordings, Ibiza World Records, 418 Music and Clubstream Records. Chris has also recently been a guest D.J. on Radio Danz and Greek radio via House Sensations. Currently enjoying success with his remix of Inaya Day All Stars featuring Crystal Waters “Long Day,” and Stereo Clash “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” both on Stoney Boy, there is a lot more to come with big remixes forthcoming on ADDK’s “I Need Your Love”, Audio Playground featuring Snoop Dogg’s “Emergency”, and Angela Devine’s “Can’t Hold Back.” For bookings and remix requests, contact Chris at or 1-732-599-1216.

My current Discography (remixes and originals)
• Addicted Matt Aubrey & Kevin Holevar (Stoney Boy) 11-4-11
• Kinetic-Rogue Element (Stoney Boy) 10-28-11
• Pop King-Martin Negro (1980) 2-2012
• Delgado-Shazza (1980) 4-2012
• Real Thing-I am Sam feat Sarah McLeod (Stoney Boy) 3-7-12
• Sounds of Freedom-Gabry Sangineto & Sergio Matina (Ibiza World) 5-14-12
• Long Day-Inaya Day All Stars featuring Crystal Waters (Stoney Boy) 6-6-12
• My House-In the Mix featuring Get Bizzy Izzy (Riseup) 6-12-12
• Keep on Moving-Sandy B (Stoney Boy) 6-20-12
• Dance for Money-Lab Wizard (PR Records) 6-25-12
• Kala Starr- Gabry Sangineto & Sergio Matina (Clubstream) 7-13-12
• Evaluator-JJ Mullor (Riseup) 7-31-12
• Stereo Clash-Yeah Yeah Yeah (Stoney Boy) 8-3-12
• Emergency-Audio Playground feat Snoop Dogg-due out fall 2012
• BEX-Life of the Party-due Sept 2012
• Can’t Hold Back-Angela Devine coming Sept 18, 2012 (418 Music)
• I Need Your Love-ADDK-coming Sept 2012 (D Tracks)
• Daydreaming-Debra Michaels (coming soon)